Outplacement Services

Change and transition are a part of business. CareerWorx can make it easier.

Professional, cost-effective outplacement


CareerWorx has been providing outplacement services since 2004. In that time we have assisted employees from a range of industries and various levels from front-line and operational staff to middle and upper management.


We provide tailored, one-to-one support aimed at helping employees into new roles that align with their goals. Although we are happy to provide a group programme, we favour a tailored, one-to-one approach with a focus on identifying and achieving personal goals. We’ve found this to be the most effective way to meet individual needs and has led to CareerWorx’s consistently high outcome rates and positive feedback.


Why choose us?


  • Tailored, one-to-one support
  • Qualified and experienced outplacement professionals
  • Track record of providing high quality support with high outcome rates
  • Bespoke outplacement to suit your needs and budget

At CareerWorx, we’re committed to helping your employee into a new job as quickly as possible.


Our outplacement service is provided by highly qualified, experienced and accredited career development professionals in pleasant, comfortable surroundings in modern offices in London, Guildford and Portsmouth.


If preferred, we can deliver our outplacement support onsite. We also provide our services remotely via Skype or telephone across the UK and around the world.

Advantages of outplacement


Aside from a desire to support valued employees make a successful transition to a new role, there are many benefits to organisations who choose to provide this valuable support including:



  • Shows your commitment to employee welfare
  • Reassures employees that they will be supported should they face redundancy
  • Increases productivity & morale whilst encouraging loyalty and staff retention
  • Gives peace of mind knowing redundant employees are being managed by an outplacement specialist
  • Employees are less likely to seek legal action as they feel supported and valued.



Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Outplacement.

Why should we choose CareerWorx?

Our point of difference in the outplacement market is our highly qualified and experienced team. With qualifications in career guidance and coaching we are well placed to support employees through their transition. All CareerWorx career coaches are registered career development professionals with the Career Development Institute ensuring that we deliver the highest possible level of service. Rather than routinely recommending one-size-fits-all, impersonal group outplacement programmes, we believe that a individualised outplacement approach leads to higher quality, sustainable outcomes.

Can you tailor outplacement to suit our budget?

Absolutely. We are happy to put together a bespoke package of outplacement support that will fit your budget and requirements. Contact us now to discover how we can deliver the perfect outplacement solution for you.

Do you deliver your outplacement services remotely?

CareerWorx has provided outplacement services to clients all over the world since 2004. We use Skype and telephone along with email to support employees into a new role. If you prefer, we are also able to arrange an initial site visit to meet with employees on a one-to-one basis with ongoing support provided remotely.