Three Tips to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

Three Tips to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

This month we’re pleased to have Dr Mariette Jansen (aka Dr De-Stress) guest blogging for us and providing her top three tips for keeping going when job searching gets tough. 

‘Albert finished university. He had good grades, loved his field of work and knew he would be a great asset to any company. He rewarded himself with a holiday after his finals and was happy and energised to begin job hunting.

Six months later all that happiness and energy was gone. Albert had received 76 rejections and had been invited for just one interview which he was unable to attend as he was struck down with a nasty stomach bug. He felt desperate, a failure and started to show signs of serious depression.’

Finding a job in a tough economic climate is a job in itself – a tough job.  It can take so much of your time and zap your energy without the rewards that a ‘real’ job offers. It’s not uncommon for job seekers to respond in similar ways to Albert.
What can you do to keep going?
1. Be realistic. When you look at your goal realise it is a process. In order to hit that target, you have to shoot regularly. You are likely to miss several times, but every shot is training you to be where you want to be. Don’t expect your first few efforts to be successful. Which young football player, who was invited into a higher team, scored the winning goal at his first appearance? Treat every application with fresh energy, as if it is your first.
2. Understand the statistics. There are no clear statistics on job finding. Some people look for a year, applying for hundreds of jobs, others are successful sooner. Did you know that in network marketing the average percentage of sales is just 3%? This means that in order to score three hits, a marketer needs to score 97 no’s. Even if his first three attempts are successful, they are likely to be followed by 97 no’s before he will hit the next one. If you look at an unsuccessful application in terms of these statistics, you can rest assured you are getting closer with every rejection.
3. Consider your frame of mind. If you believe in yourself, it will shine through. Eventually light always conquers the darkness. It is just a matter of keeping going. Don’t make your self-belief dependent on a job, but find other ways of fuelling your self-esteem, by setting goals that only you can control, such as running a marathon, or setting up a charity. With all positive achievements in other areas, you make your professional light shine brighter and some lucky employer will notice you.

Dr Mariette Jansen is a life coach and mindfulness practitioner at She can be contacted by email at

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