A Job For Christmas

A Job For Christmas

Since we are fast approaching Christmas, it seems the perfect time to turn our attention to the job opportunities the festive season brings. Target industries with high seasonal demand

Although most companies put off taking on new staff just before and just after Christmas, there are industries where the Christmas period may be the busiest.

Industries like retail and hospitality for example, typically become very busy around the Christmas period and are likely to take on extra staff to cope with the increased demand. It’s true that much of this work will be temporary in nature since once the Christmas frenzy is over, the work will be too.

Foot in the door

However, seasonal work can be a great foot-in-the-door opportunity for someone wanting to join a company with a view to securing a more permanent role.

This Christmas, Sainsbury’s are taking on an extra 15,000 workers, the largest number of seasonal staff the supermarket chain has ever hired. A reported 2,000 of those workers will be kept on after Christmas in permanent roles across 1,000 stores throughout the country. The kinds of staff Sainsbury’s are recruiting include check-out staff, shelf stackers and online delivery staff.

The logistics and transport industries also experience peaks in demand around Christmas time resulting in an increased need for warehouse staff, transport workers, delivery drivers, couriers etc. Royal Mail for example, are putting on an extra 18,000 staff this Christmas to cope with increased demand for their services.

Another advantage to taking on seasonal work as a route to more permanent work, is the recruitment process can in some cases be fast-tracked, requiring less effort than usual to get that vital foot- in-the-door.

Staying on after the seasonal rush

Once you’ve managed to get your foot in the door, it’s important to shine in your seasonal role so you are noticed as a highly competent, indispensable member of the team. It’s much easier to apply for a permanent role internally than it is as an outsider. You will also have the opportunity to get to know the company’s culture, structure and build vital networks to help you secure the job you want.

Even if you’re unable to secure a more permanent role with the company when your seasonal work comes to an end, it’s always easier to find a new job if you are already employed, even as a casual.

Fresh experience for your CV

The fresh experience gained from seasonal work will also liven up your CV, the perfect pick-me-up for those with a gap in their work history. Don’t forget to include your seasonal work in your CV and if possible, get a reference or recommendation you can include in your career portfolio.

Take advantage of a less competitive environment

For those roles that don’t have a high demand around Christmas time, there are times when a role is so vital to an organisation’s operations they have no choice but to recruit during this time. Since this can be when many job seekers take a break, it could mean you are competing against a smaller number of candidates increasing your chances of success.

As you can see, Christmas time doesn’t have to be a dismal time for job seekers. Although the available work might differ, it can offer plenty of opportunity for you to work towards your career goals.

Lisa LaRue is a registered Career Coach at CareerWorx with more than 20 years’ experience helping people plan, manage and find happiness in their careers.

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