Creating Your Personal Brand For Jobsearch Success

Creating Your Personal Brand For Jobsearch Success

Brand You - The most important brand of all

Personal branding has become one of the biggest buzz terms in recent years. If you haven’t bought into the hype but now wonder if you should have, here’s an overview of personal branding and why it could work for you.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is about creating a brand for yourself just as a you would when marketing a product. In personal branding, you are the product.

Why do I need a personal brand?

By developing your personal brand, you set yourself apart from others.

How do I develop my personal brand?

Personal branding guru Dan Schawbel has developed four-step personal branding process to help you develop your own personal brand:

Four step personal branding process:
  1. Discover – figure out who you are and how you can brand yourself
  2. Create – create a personal branding tool kit
  3. Communicate – communicate your brand regularly
  4. Maintain – maintain a positive image on an ongoing basis


The first step is to identify how you can differentiate yourself from others. What are your unique selling points? What makes you better value to an employer or client compared with someone else?

Finding your own niche is an important personal branding strategy. If your current qualifications, skills and experience don’t offer you the opportunity to develop a niche, what can you do to change this? What niche would you like to fill? What steps do you need to take to achieve your niche?

Although not everyone aspires to be an expert in their field, becoming one automatically boosts your personal brand. If you’re serious about building your brand, it’s wise to do whatever it takes to become an expert who is sought out by the media, employers, clients and others.

There are a number of personal branding tools that can be used to communicate your brand. Social media has become an effective way to launch and manage your personal brand. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are just some of the tools commonly used in personal branding.

A crucial part of personal branding is ensuring your brand is accurately, uniformly and continuously communicated. It’s important to keep track of where and how your personal brand is being communicated and this is easy to monitor online. You can for example, create a Google alert at to be notified whenever you are mentioned on the web.

It’s also important to regular review your brand to ensure it meets your needs, and accurately reflects you. Be sure to update your brand as you career develops, for example when you attain new qualifications, skills and experience.

Dilbert on personal branding:


Lisa LaRue is a registered Career Coach at CareerWorx with more than 20 years’ experience helping people plan, manage and find happiness in their careers.

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