Top Tips For Career Changers

Top Tips For Career Changers

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Is the grass greener on the other side? One of the first steps you can take is identifying what you want from your career. Photograph: Oleg Popov/REUTERS

Many of us will change careers or consider doing so at some point in our lives, so it’s important to ensure that the transition is well executed.

The key to making a successful transition is self-awareness and planning. When someone comes to me for help with changing careers, one of the first things I do is help them identify their values. Some of the questions I might ask include:

  • What’s important to you?
  • What gives meaning to your life?
  • What are your personal goals?
  • What do you want from your career?

The self-awareness and understanding gained from the answers to these questions provides a solid foundation for a career action plan.

A school teacher, Anne, came to see me. She was adamant teaching was no longer her passion and that she absolutely must find another vocation. During our session I was interested to learn that she did in fact still love teaching but the school she’d been working at for the past 10 years had undergone a restructure. This included the development of a whole new philosophy much different to the one that attracted her to the school in the beginning.

As it turned out, Anne couldn’t imagine a life without teaching since it was something she’d wanted to do since childhood and had worked hard to excel at. With her qualifications, passion and expertise, Read more



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