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Looking for an expert career coach to take the next steps in your career?

Whether you’re considering a career change, want to take your career to the next level or simply looking for a new job, CareerWorx career coaching can help. As registered, qualified and experienced career coaches, we can expertly help you navigate your career journey.

We provide a range of career development services including career coaching, career counselling, outplacement, career planning, career advice and guidance, CV writing and interview coaching. Our expert career coaches will provide you with a high level of support including personalised information about careers, training and the job market.

With a high client satisfaction rate, much of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients. In fact, around 80% of our coaching clients come to us from personal recommendations or repeat business. Past clients have said that through our work together they have gained:

Benefits of career coaching

Increased levels of happiness and wellbeing

A greater understanding of their skills, strengths, values and interests

Increased income and financial security

Improved levels of confidence and optimism about the future

Many people come to career coaching after spending years trying to work things out for themselves. While it’s helpful to take careful, strategic steps towards career fulfilment, it doesn’t need to take so long to identify and make the changes needed. Working with an experienced career coach can see you move forward in your life and career in a matter of weeks and months rather than years. Is it worth waiting that long to live your life on your terms and achieve the career happiness and success you’ve been dreaming of?

Career coaching is ideal for those who are:

A qualified and experienced career coach is equipped with the tools needed to help you identify what you want your life to look like and why. Understanding the underpinning values that drive career satisfaction are key to crafting your ideal career. For some that might be tweaking their current role and career, for others it will be pivoting in a whole other direction. Gaining clarity on your life and career goals will help you take the necessary steps forward. Your coach will will help you identify and overcome obstacles, keep you on track while gently challenging you to grow and develop to reach your goals.

Are you:

If any of the above describes you, career coaching can help you take the next steps in your career with confidence. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation, free discovery call.

We can help you:

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Frequently asked questions

How are career coaching sessions conducted?

All sessions are conducted online using Zoom or Skype, or by telephone if you prefer. Zoom is our preferred contact method because it’s stable, secure and has loads of features that help make your coaching session interactive and enjoyable.

You don’t have to use your web camera if you don’t want to. Most of the time your career coach will be sharing their screen during the session. All you need to do is click the Zoom meeting link provided to you by email and join the coaching session at the scheduled time. It couldn’t be simpler! 

If you’re new to Zoom, don’t worry. Your career coach will help you if required. It can be helpful to have a headset or earbuds with a microphone plugged into your computer for privacy and to improve audio quality but it’s not essential.  

How frequently do career coaching sessions take place?

When you purchase a career coaching package, you will have chosen a set number of coaching sessions. Your career coach will check with you regarding your availability and preferred frequency of sessions. Some people work full-time so need to schedule their coaching sessions around their working hours. 

Although weekly sessions are a typical format, your coaching sessions can take place whenever you want them to. If you prefer fortnightly or monthly that is fine. Some people want to work quickly and schedule their sessions twice per week. Your career coaching is about you. Whatever works best for you will be the frequency agreed to. And if things change, you only need to let your career coach know. 

How much is career coaching?

You can find full details of the career coaching packages and services at our Prices page.

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