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With over 450 million users, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest and most influential professional network. Unlike social networks, LinkedIn is used by professionals to share their professional profiles and connect with other professionals and conduct business. If you want to get ahead in your career using LinkedIn is essential, and best of all, it’s free! (basic account).

More than 90% of recruiters and employers now use LinkedIn as their primary recruitment tool. This includes browsing profiles looking for talent (‘head hunting’) to checking out a candidate’s LinkedIn profile as part of the recruitment process. There’s no doubt about it, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools in a job seeker’s toolbox.

LinkedIn Coaching

How LinkedIn coaching can help

Whether you’re a graduate taking your first steps into the world of work or a seasoned professional looking to take your career to new heights, LinkedIn coaching can help. If you are self-employed or seeking out new business, LinkedIn can bring you more business and help you promote your product or services.

LinkedIn coaching will show you the most successful strategies to help you stand out from the crowd and highlight your USPs (unique selling points). It’s not just about completing your profile effectively but using LinkedIn’s features fully to optimise your profile helping you to be found by recruiters and employers.

What is LinkedIn coaching?

While LinkedIn coaching is a part of all of our career coaching packages, we also offer LinkedIn coaching as a stand-alone service if that’s all you need right now.

We’ll share with you everything we know about how to make sure your profile ranks high in searches as well as how to grow and leverage your network. If necessary, we can help you word your profile using powerful action and keywords that will get the attention of recruiters, employers and clients. We will also show you how to effectively manage your privacy and notifications so you get the most out of LinkedIn without the annoying bits.

What’s included:

  • Initial session by Skype or telephone to discuss your career goals
  • Review your current LinkedIn profile
  • 1 hour LinkedIn coaching session focused on using LinkedIn effectively and optimizing your profile to achieve your goals
  • LinkedIn action plan
  • Free email follow-up and support

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