Executive & Employee Coaching

Coaching can help boost employee engagement and develop talent resulting in improved performance and staff retention.

Positive Leadership Coaching

Positive Leadership coaching supports leaders and emerging leaders to flourish. One-to-one positive leadership coaching helps leaders recognise and leverage their strengths, develop emotional intelligence, improve performance and increase well-being at work. 

We can also design and deliver a tailored and impactful, high ROI leadership development program that supports organisational goals. 

Career Development Coaching

Career coaching supports employees’ career development, performance and well-being through a dynamic coaching process. Career coaching can help coachees:
  • Develop a clear vision for success to maintain focus and drive
  • Identify areas for development to unlock potential
  • Achieve optimal levels of well-being
  • Design a sustainable work-life balance plan
  • Boost confidence, resilience and agility needed to thrive in increasingly VUCA environments.

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.”

John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching identifies and works on areas for improvement that impact performance. There are various reasons for poor performance ranging from lack of engagement, skills deficits or personal challenges. 

Research has shown that we are more productive and perform at our best when we enter into flow-state. Flow-state coaching can help individuals access flow to perform at their best, improve well-being and increase job satisfaction. However, there is also a danger of burnout if performance isn’t managed well. 

Workplace Well-being Coaching

Workplace well-being coaching focuses on:
  • Boosting positive well-being at work
  • Building personal and career resilience
  • Managing remote and hybrid working effectively
  • Improving communication and interpersonal interactions
Numerous studies have shown when employees are happy at work they are more engaged, more productive and have higher levels of well-being. This results lower levels of staff absenteeism, reduced staff turnover as well as improved ability to attract talent into the organisation.
Well-being at work

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