Outplacement Support Services for Redundancy

Outplacement support services for redundancy are a great way of offering support for employees who are facing a career transition. In these extraordinary times, support for employees losing their jobs is seen as good organisational practice.

As an employer, the benefits of offering outplacement is that it shows your commitment to employees’ wellbeing, maintains your company’s integrity, demonstrates adherence to best practice and fulfils legal obligations. For employees who are being made redundant, they will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are being managed by specialists and being provided the practical support and guidance needed to take the next steps in their career. Whilst supporting employees who are being let go, outplacement services also ensures that any remaining employees understand that they too will be supported and that their welfare is being considered as they move into new teams or new ways of working.

During the Covid19 pandemic, we have been working hard supporting clients. Yes, it is a challenging job market and we see the Government statistics that come from ONS on a regular basis relating to the unemployment figures. However, we are delighted to say that in feedback from our clients, there is 100% satisfaction for the services that we offer. Even during these challenging times, over 80% of our clients have been placed in new roles in less than three months. Our clients range from C-level executives to administrative and customer service roles, across a variety of industries. We cover a range of topics in our outplacement programmes, all of which start with an in-depth needs assessment, to help us understand the background of our clients and any challenges they face.

The CareerWorx team has a substantial track record of delivering quality outplacement services that helps employees make a successful transition to a new role. We offer bespoke cost-effective outplacement solutions which can cover areas such as:

    • Employee well-being, motivation, and goal setting
    • Strengths Profile analysis to identify key skills and increase motivation for moving confidently into their next role
    • CV review and development to not only catch the attention of human eyes but Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) compliant too
    • Job search strategies for 2020 and beyond, guided by the latest Labour Market Information (LMI) and other essential data 
    • Interview coaching including understanding the interview process, role-playing interviews and gaining confidence 
    • Building and leveraging impactful LinkedIn profiles and guidance on the most effective networking strategies

Critical to each programme is that support is provided on a one-to-one basis so that each client has their own tailored programme covering the range of topics that they require.

In these uncertain times, it is essential to make sure that when you are considering outplacement services that you seek out professionals that are highly qualified, skilled, and specialised experts. Having the right credentials and knowledge is critical, outplacement professionals should be registered and have significant knowledge and experience to deliver a programme that effectively supports employees.

The Career Development Institute (CDI) is the approved body for careers practitioners who are suitably qualified and the CDI Register lists those able to deliver a range of career development programmes including coaching those experiencing redundancy and delivering corporate outplacement programmes.

The CareerWorx team are Registered Career Development Professionals as denoted by the ‘RCDP’ post-nominals you will notice after our names confirming our credentials, commitment to ongoing professional development and adherence to the CDIs code of ethics. We have extensive experience in working within corporate, public service and third sectors providing career development support, human resource development and outplacement services.

For more information about how our outplacement services can support your employees, get in touch to arrange a no-obligation discovery call

Picture of Lynn Tulip, RCDP, MCIPD, CPsychol

Lynn Tulip, RCDP, MCIPD, CPsychol

Former HR Management Consultant with 24+ years of experience in the development and delivery of executive-level career coaching and outplacement services. I'm a passionate career development professional who loves helping people achieve fulfilling careers.



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