Top 10 Green Jobs

Top 10 Green Jobs

The number of green jobs is set to grow

Green jobs are gaining in popularity as we try to find ways to minimise our impact on the planet and take action to tackle climate change. We’ve come up with a list of our top 10 green jobs to whet your appetite if you are considering a more sustainable, greener career.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability Consultants can work across a number of areas for example they might have an interest the built environment where they provide specialist advice on how best to meet sustainability regulations. They will have a good understanding of how to incorporate sustainability elements in a design using tools such as thermal modelling and provide advice on low carbon building methods and materials.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists examine the environment to determine how plants, animals and other organisms are affected by it. They also study external influences, such as pollutants, and provide specialist advice based on science to avoid or reduce harmful effects on the environment.

Energy Officer

An Energy Officer generally works as part of the sustainability team but with a specific focus on energy efficiency. They are responsible for developing and delivering initiatives or actions that identify deficiencies in energy efficient and implementing strategies for increasing energy efficiency. They could be employed by local authorities or environmental groups to educate the community through energy efficiency projects and programmes that address resource efficiency and combat fuel poverty.

Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Officers can work across a number of areas focusing on various aspects of helping an organisation, groups or individuals to conform to environmental sustainability principles. This could include anything from sustainable travel to sustainability of supply chains and other sustainability activities.

Environmental Sustainability Manager

Responsible for overseeing the environmental impact of private, public and voluntary sector organisations, an Environmental Sustainably Manager develops, implements and monitors environmental strategies, policies and programmes that promote sustainable development. They look closely at corporate activities to ensure that an organisation is compliant with relevant environmental legislation.

Recycling Officer

Recycling officers help to plan, develop and implement environmental and waste reduction policies in the community. They are usually responsible for managing local recycling schemes, delivering educational programmes and liaising with local medial to promote recycling activities. Recycling officers are typically employed by local authorities working as part of the environmental services, waste management or community services team.

Renewable Energy Project Manager

A Renewable Energy Project Manager is responsible for overseeing a renewable energy project (eg. wind, solar, biomass etc). They are involved full-cycle in the renewables project from conducting site surveys, meetings, installation to client handover and commissioning. Controlling the project from start to finish, a Renewable Energy Project Manager is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of a project and ensuring it is on time and on budget.

Permaculture Designer

Permaculture Designers create sustainable, functional permaculture landscape designs in harmony with nature. A Permaculture Designer designs holistic concepts for urban or rural landscape settings that support biodiversity and incorporate a range of sustainability elements to support resource and energy efficiency.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers are focussed on ways in which we can best minimise our impact on the environment. They might help develop new, less environmentally damaging processes for industry, design a recycling plant or devise methods to reduce air and water pollution.

Carbon and Climate Change Consultant

Possessing expert knowledge, a Carbon and Climate Change Consultant might have responsibility for the delivery of carbon and climate change assessments to provide input and advice in respect to carbon and climate change. They may undertake due diligence work relating to climate change mitigation, assess and advise on projects in relation to local and international environmental standards.

Lisa LaRue is a registered Career Coach at CareerWorx with more than 20 years’ experience helping people plan, manage and find happiness in their careers.

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