Outplacement – What is it and what are the advantages?

Advantages of Outplacement

In this article we’ll talk about outplacement including what it is, how it works and the many advantages of outplacement support. 

What is outplacement?

Outplacement is a term used to describe the support services provided to employees facing redundancy or early retirement. Employees can be made redundant for a number of reasons including organisation restructure, downsizing, or the closing down of a business. Outplacement support is provided by specialist outplacement coaches experienced in working with those who have been made redundant.  An outplacement specialist consultant can help candidates explore options, identify skills, strengths and other talents, as well as providing practical support by way of job search advice and guidance. 

Who pays for outplacement and what’s included?

Organisations typically fund outplacement services for employees who are being made redundant. Some redundant employees who have not been offered outplacement services as part of their redundancy package, might choose to purchase outplacement services for themselves.

The level of assistance provided by an outplacement company will vary depending on the package negotiated by the organisation or the employee. Some outplacement companies deliver their services in groups, others on a one-to-one basis or a combination of group and one-to-one support.

The kinds of services offered by outplacement companies vary but might include:

  • Information about the labour market including how to identify and access job opportunities
  • Job search advice and information including tapping into the hidden job market and using social media effectively for job search
  • Creating an effective CV, cover letters and addressing selection criteria
  • Group sessions covering a range of topics such as making a successful transition, identifying transferable skills, how to write a CV, job search strategies etc.
  • Career counselling and coaching including exploration of options, vocational assessment and career action planning
  • Self-employment coaching for those who want to move into freelance or entrepreneurial activities

What are the advantages of outplacement for employees?

  • Provides personal and career support during the transition period
  • Enables an employee to transition to a new role quickly
  • Provides a positive environment for change out of what is often viewed as a negative event
  • Provides access to professional outplacement services at no cost (when funded by the employer)

What are the advantages of outplacement for employers?

  • Demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to employee welfare and shows a high level of ethics
  • Remaining and future employees know they will be supported in the event of redundancy in the future. This has been found to enhance morale and increase productivity whilst encouraging loyalty and staff retention.
  • Takes pressure off the organisation’s HR team who gain peace of mind knowing redundant employees are being managed by an outplacement specialist
  • Employees are less likely to seek legal action against their employer as they feel supported and valued.

How long does outplacement last for?

The length of assistance provided depends on the outplacement company and the package negotiated. It’s typical for services to be time limited for 3, 6 or 12 months, others might be on a ‘as long as it takes’ basis. Ideally, an employee would be expected to transition into a new role early on but many outplacement providers will assist them until they have achieved their goals.

CareerWorx Outplacement

CareerWorx has been providing outplacement services since 2004. In that time we have assisted employees from a range of industries and various levels from front-line and operational staff to middle and upper management. We have experience in the corporate, public services and charitable sectors as well as first hand experience in entrepreneurship.

We provide tailored, one-to-one support aimed at helping redundant employees into exciting new roles that align with their career and life goals. Rather than routinely putting employees through group programmes we prefer a one-to-one approach with a focus on identifying and achieving an individuals’ goals.

Our outplacement service is provided by highly qualified, experienced and CDI registered career development professionals (RCDPs). No matter where you or your team are located, we work remotely via Skype, Zoom and telephone across the UK and around the world. We offer discounted rates for larger teams and for the charity/not-for-profit sector. To learn more about CareerWorx Outplacement Support, visit our Outplacement page or, if you’d like to speak with someone, get in touch



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